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    Any advice on using clearblue digital ovulation? Success stories :)?
    I used it the last two months but only had sex the day I got the positive and the day after. Are you supposed to do it the day of positive and the next two days? Just wondering and I would also like to hear any success stories :)

    • ANSWER:
      Well to have the best chance of conceiving you should be having regular sex as in every 2 days! I used them to conceive my first son and well I had regular sex like I said and then tried the 2 days that I was supposed to and then again the day after ovulation was supposed to have occurred. It may also be worth noting that the first month I used these tests I fell pregnant after 2 and half years of trying.

      Best of luck


    So I totally gave in and purchased the clearblue digital ovulation tests (pack of 20) it says to start testing on day 6..I won't start until day 8 because my period usually lasts 7 to 8 days... but do they work pretty well? So far I've heard good things about them.. and I figure if I test everyday that I won't miss my lh surge.. but are their any success stories anyone can share with me? Not going to lie I'm looking for a little confidence boost here. My last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage so I'm trying to be as hopeful as I can about my next

    • ANSWER:

    Digital fertility monitors - worth the money?
    Im considering getting one of these but not sure how the work or if they are any better than the ovulation sticks you pee on?

    I know the clearblue are quite expensive but if they work then i dont mind how much!!

    Anyone any success stories using this or know a bit more about them?


    • ANSWER:
      Fertility monitors are better than LH surge sticks.

      Fertility monitors test for both the LH surge (which happens 12-48 hours before ovulation), and the estrogen surge (which happens 3-5 days before ovulation). By testing for this combo, you increase your chances of hitting the right days.

      If you want to monitor both for cheaper you can also look into buying LH surge strips, and a saliva monitor (which test for estrogen).

      I used Clearblue monitor on my last cycle since I was getting tired of during all the work myself. I got pregnant right away, though miscarried due to auto immune issues. Personally I plan on using it again.

clearblue digital ovulation test success stories