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    Why is it so hard to get pregnant after tubal pregnancy?
    I had an ectopic Pregnancy 3 years ago and they removed my right tube. I been trying for some time now and nothings happen.I talked to my doctor and he ran test and did ultrasounds and said theirs nothing wrong with my left tube. The doctor said clomid is not an option, so now what do I do? Why is it taking so long?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello. I feel your pain. I lost my right tube as well almost 3 years ago. I had the same things done and nothing is wrong so they say. So what I have done is change my diet. I added, calcium, Maca root, cod liver oil, Bromelain,bee pollen and Vitex. I know it sounds like a lot but I have noticed good things happen with my body. Hopefully I will get pregnant soon but if not i will demand Clomid! Maybe you can try some of the things I've mentioned they may help. You can research all of these vitamins and minerals on I hope this helps. God bless and baby dust! :)

    What vitamins should I take if I want to conceive a baby?
    Is it okay to take omega 3, prenatal, and maca st the same day or same time?

    What is the best effective vitamins to increase my fertility?

    I have irregular periods (33-40 days cycle). Thanks.

    Also what Vitamins should my husband take to increase his sperm counts and etc?

    My husband is a smoker but he's Slowly decreasing the amount of cigs.

    • ANSWER:
      i wish i could answer all of your questions hun.but i know that taking prenatal vitamins don't help you get pregnant faster or easier but it is healthy to take.i also hear that the vitamin b6 is good for supporting a going to try it on my next cycle....opks(ovulation test) are very helpful when knowing when you are fertile so you can know when to have sex.and charting your temps(look up how to chart bbt) will help you confirm you ovulated.good luck

    could this have lowered the effectiveness of my birth control?
    I've been on the Implanon arm implant birth control for 2 yrs. Ive been feelin
    some pregnancy symptoms lately. i take maca root powder for my
    depression but it also is used for helpin women get pregnant. Could this have interferred with
    the effectiveness of my birth control? I also heard if you are pregnant on this implant it
    wont show up on an at home test...has anyone gotten pregnant on implanon?

    • ANSWER:
      if you're pregnant, you will produce HCG which will be detected by a pregnancy test. i could no
      evidence that home pregnancy tests don't work if you are using Implanon. it's contains
      etonogestrel which is a progestin similar to norgestrel. also, could not find any reports of
      maca root decreasing the effect of hormonal contraceptives. on the other hand, i didn't read
      anything that said it didn't. not enough is known about maca at this time to predict one way
      or the other.

pregnancy maca

Maca Success

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best herb to use to stimulate the ovary for quality eggs?
    I have been undergoing ivf treatment and have had no success so far. I was just wondering if there is any herb on the market that makes you produce better quality eggs.

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve just asked the million dollar question! Egg quality may improve with a change in your medication protocol and some lifestyle changes, not always, but it can. I would ask your RE if he thought a change in your medication protocol would make a difference. Know that many RE’s will claim poor egg quality and suggest donor eggs before making changes to their protocol. I may get a second opinion and make sure you are at a clinic with good success rates for your age group. ( in the USA).

      After three failed IVF cycles, I did much research and found a few things that are believed to help with egg quality. It takes an ovarian follicle about 90 days to fully develop. During that time the follicle quality (and ultimately egg quality) may be influenced. The best thing you can do is to prepare your body for three months before starting another IVF cycle. That should include looking into dietary and lifestyle changes. Keep eating well! Cut out the fast food, eat organic when possible, add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet, drink lots of water, and limit caffeine and alcohol.

      I started taking wheatgrass (powdered Amazing Grass from Whole Foods) 1T. daily for 3 months. I also started acupuncture. Acupuncture in conjunction with fertility treatments seems to be having a very positive impact. I HIGHLY recommend it! I also took the herbs giving to me by the acupuncturist that did have maca among other things. Here are some other "fertility" herbs You may want to check it out. I added fish oil, royal jelly, and vitamin D. My first 3 IVF attempts I had some poor and some okay embryos. After the supplements and acupuncture my eggs and embryos were "Beautiful." I have known a lot of women take just wheatgrass who saw an amazing improvement in embryo quality. Though they ended in a loss due to immune issues, the cycles I did with those embryos (1 fresh and 1 frozen) I got pregnant. I also was lucky enough to have some survive and make it to freeze.

      Also check out DHEA. I never took it but have read a lot about it and read about a woman who had very poor quality embryos and her RE said to used donor eggs. She decided to try one more time with her own eggs. She took DHEA for 3 months and her RE told her those eggs looked like the eggs from a 20 year old. I know that this clinic now uses DHEA in some patients' protocol.

      Doing things that help to increase blood flow in you reproductive organs is believed to help too. Yoga is great for doing this. Google “fertility yoga” to find some good poses. Also, you can find some fertility yoga DVD’s.

      Get the book The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis. This book helped me greatly and is where I learned about the supplements I took. Here is her website

      I say if you do anything, take the wheatgrass, royal jelly, and find an acupuncturist experienced with IVF.

      Feel free to contact me if you need any more help! I wish you luck!

    Has anybody who is trying to conceive tried Fertilaid? Does it work? How about Evening primrose n flax seed?
    I have been ttc since June 2008 and trying all the means in terms of natural supplements to conceive. Am pretty much on a healthy organic natural diet too which is conception friendly. Any suggestions to CONCEIVE ASAP???? Does FERTILAID help? I just ordered 2 bottles...Does Maca/ Spirulina work?

    • ANSWER:
      I have read the success stories on fertilaid's website and it sounds like it has worked for some of the worst cases imaginable! I just ordered a bottle of fertilaid lastnight.. and I am so excited about it getting here! I read that it has also helped with stuff from acne to the digestive system. That it gives you more energy and helps with sex performance. I am trying to conceive and I am hoping that fertilaid helps!

    Has anyone had success with ovulation/pregnancy using Cassava supplements?
    I have PCOS and I'm looking for herbal treatment options. I was leaning toward maca or vitex but I read that you can't use either during pregnancy. I'd like to take something that will both help me ovulate AND be safe to use while pregnant because I read that when you stop taking maca or vitex during pregnancy, your hormone levels tank which can cause miscarriages. I'd also hate to be using them and be pregnant without knowing and cause harm to the baby. So, has anyone achieved pregnancy using cassava and is it safe to use during pregnancy?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is safe

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