Faint Negative Line On Ept Test

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    has anyone ever gotten a faint negative line and then a positive line few days later?
    Or does the faint negative line on my ept pregnancy test mean nothing & I'm overexaggerating? The other ept's had dark - lines. This ones super light. Mean anything? Ever happened to u?

    • ANSWER:
      A positive line is a positive. It doesn't matter how light or dark. It's very common to get a negative then a positive a few days later because the hormones rise to quickly.

    I took a ept pregnancy test results were negative what are the chances I'm pregnant?
    The ept test is one of those ones that shows a plus sign or a negative sign and I took one and I had a very faint negative sign. What are the chances that the test is wrong? I'm worried because the line was so faint.

    • ANSWER:
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    Help regarding a very faint positive line on an EPT test? Does this mean that it really was a positive test? ?
    I was a month and a half late when I took an EPT test. There was a very faint positive line and of course the visible negative line. Does this mean that the test was still positive? I'm taking another one tomorrow because now I'm 2 months late sept 4th. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Congratulations!!! I had an incredibly faint line and nine months later gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl!!!

    Faint negative line on EPT pregnancy test?
    My period is nearly 2 weeks late. I took an EPT +/- pregnancy test. The indicator line was a very dark blue and vertical, then a faint horizontal (negative) line showed up in the pregancy indicator window. Could I still be pregnant? Has this happened to anyone else?

    • ANSWER:

faint negative line on ept test

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