13 Days Post Iui Negative Hpt

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    Last night cramping and red spot in underwear and toilet paper. 12 days post iui. Cramping and headche. ?
    Today, 13 days post iui, but no bleeding however bad cramps and headache. Pms symptoms. Still negative hpt. What is going on? Period coming or implantation?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm pretty sure it's just ur period

    2 pink lines!! Is it for real?
    I had an iui on 9/17 and the ovidrel (hcg) trigger shot on 9/16 so it's 12 days after the shot. I took an hpt on Saturday and it was negative. I took another one this am with fmu and got a BFP!!!

    Do you think this is for real and not from the ovidrel? I am afraid to get too excited. Thanks!
    The ovidrel did give me a positive the day after I took it and a few days after the shot. It went back to negative on friday and saturday. It takes 10 days to get out of your system and its been 12.
    I am 11 dpo today.
    I'm a little nervous if I really am pregnant. I had at least 6 mature follicles and I can't help but wonder how many of them took!

    • ANSWER:
      Congrats hun!! YAY! It's more than likely positive. I got my BFP the 13 days after the shot and got a faint positive. I took my HPT in the early am. Maybe your pregnant with more than one lil bub so your hcg levels are strong enough to pick up this early :) I'm so happy for you!! Please keep me posted! I really think it's real!!! Best wishes!

13 days post iui negative hpt

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