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  1. Had anybody tried the proactiv dark spot remover? help!?
    Hey I have had really bad acne for years and I have big nasty noticeable black acne spots. I heard about the proactive dark spot remover but i don’t know if it actually works and its worth buying. If you have used it or know somebody who has please let me know if it really works. thanks!

    • Those black acne spots sounds like blackheads. I usually squeeze them. They have those strips that supposed to take off blackheads and whiteheads but they never seem to work with me. I use two different facial washes which I love and it helps me. One is the Equate oil free daily face wash which I keep in shower. It’s the Walmart brand but I love it cause it won’t strip your face of natural oils and dry you out. The second item is Neutrogena naturals purifying facial cleaner, it is in a pump bottle, which I keep by my sink. It doe not contain harsh chemicals, dyes, sulfates and junk like that. It removes impurities and detoxifies pores. I usually follow by a good moisterizer that isn’t oily.
      Way cheaper than Proactiv. Dark spot removers will not remove blackheads (if that is your case, only way to tell is squeeze and if stuff comes out then it is a blackhead.) Dark spot removers are for like sun damaged spots like freakles and skin discolorations. If that is your case Neutrogena has some stuff in a blue and silver tube called Ageless Intensives Tone Corrections. I just started using it but it took a dark spot off my mother’s face. But for it to work you have to religiously dab it on the spots everyday. Doing here and there won’t work and it isn’t going to take all your spots away but it will lighten them and some may dissappear. I am not sure all the way on results on my face cause i haven’t too long started using but I noticed one darker freakle lightened a bit and plus like I said my mom’s spot dissappeared, but it will take a while so he patient. It is cheaper than price u pay for these commercialized stuff.
      Hope this helps some!
      Ok I just re read ur ques and saw now it said from past acne so I am assuming like scars. Try the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives tone corrector.
      Gonna keep the other advice on anyways in case it may help someone else..

  2. Does Equate Daily Face Wash work well?
    I just bought it last night. Also, do I use it once or twice a day?? I used it last night and just used it this morning. I seem to be having slight peeling on my nose though. Maybe it’s sunburn instead?? Lastly, will it still work as well if I put lotion on my face afterwards? (Its dove spf 15 facial lotion)
    Can’t afford to get different products

    • You need to get better quality face wash than equate and a better facial lotion than dove. I’m just going to give you what I use. You need more than just two items for you face. You aren’t suppose to use the cleanser near your eyes or the lotion for that matter.

      *Nutrogena deep clean cream cleanser
      Do this twice a day without water. Put a bit in your hands and rub in circular motions for about 2 minutes then wipe off with a wet cloth.
      * Loreal dermo expertise hydrafreash toner
      Use a cotton ball and pour just a little bit on it and rub it on your face while avoiding your eye area
      *Lumene makeup remover
      If you wear mascara this is pretty much a must. You should not try to rub mascara off with just soap and water. If you rub too hard it will damage your lashes. This is half oil so it will take the makeup right off. It will leave a residue but you can use this before your wash and just lightly rinse it off with some water while you are washing your face. Oh and don’t forget to shake the bottle
      *Neutrogena anti oxidant age reverse night cream
      The reason I chose this was not the age reverse but because it was an anti oxidant night cream and a good one too. Just apply a little bit before bed time.
      *Neutrogena visibly even daily moistuizer spf 30
      This is a wonderful daily lotion and it even protects against sun damage.
      *Yes to carrots eye can C clearly now eye cream
      Now most people don’t think eye cream is necessary but you aren’t really suppose to use facial lotion near your eye area. Most say to avoid it and your eyes need moisture too so this is a good one just to moisturize your eyes and some have even said this has helped with dark circles.

      Last but not least an on the spot treatment for when you do get a pimple. I use clean and clear persa gel 10. It’s the strongest over the counter spot treatment you can get and it’s highly effective too.

      If you do this in the morning and at night you will be good to go. Of course only use the day time moisturizer during the day and the night one for at night, besides that the rest stays the same. Oh and I almost forgot. When you use the eye cream just use a pea size and rub it between your two ring fingers and apply it under your eyes all around to the top of the brow bone. You don’t really need to use this on the lids.

  3. Does this sound like a GOOD skincare routinee?
    so I have Oily acne prone skin. I’ve been trying to find a good routine, I think I found one but i want other people’s opinions/advice
    My skin problems are : frequent breakouts, redness, large pores, scars/ dark spots and black heads.

    My routine is..

    Equate’s blackhead scrub, (clean and clear offbrand) instead of a cleanser, only if needed.
    ^Considering switching to burts bee’s scrub (or cleanser.)
    Palmers fade cream, to get rid of scars.
    Clinique moisturizer (or niveah, depending on what I have.)

    Eucerin cleanser for sensitive skin. Helps fight acne/redness.
    10% Benzyole Peroxide spot treatment.Walgreens brand. (SALICYLIC ACID doesnt work for me.)
    Noahs naturals face moisturizer.

    & I use face mask once a week, normally for pore tightening or moisturizing. Just whatever I feel like I need that week.

    Does that seem like a good routine?
    If not what should I change?
    Any product suggestions? Or tips?
    Also the only face makeup I use is BBcream (Skin 79 in hot pink), NYC bronzer and a mineral powder to set it. I use little amounts. (:

    • I think it seems perfectly fine! If your skin isn’t breaking out from any of the products, and if you are seeing a little bit of a difference in your skin then you routine should be good!
      I would just make sure to take off your make up EVERYDAY with a makeup remover to make sure it isn’t clogging up your pores.
      I hope this helped you, good luck (:

  4. What is your daily makeup/skin care routine?
    Idk why I’m asking. I’m just curious about what other people do.

    Here’s mine:
    Morning: 1. wash face with clean and clear morning burst
    2. put on cera ve lotion
    3. apply covergirl nature luxe foundation, garnier fructise dark circle concealer, & neutrogena spot concealer
    4. white maybelline color tattoo & brown lancome eyeshadows
    5. covergirl powder
    6. black revlon eyeliner (on bottom inner lash liner) & photoready mascara

    Night: 1. wash face with cetaphil cleanser
    2. remove makeup with equate remover
    3. put on acne med
    4. put on cera ve lotion

    • Morning:
      -Wash my face with warm water and cetaphil cleanser
      -put on cetaphil lotion
      -use covergirl foundation, mostly as concealer on my eyebags
      -apply some white shadow on my brow bone and minimal golden shadow on the lid
      -apply liquid black liner
      -dark pink gloss

      -wash face with same cetaphil clenser