Leg Cramps Sign Of Pregnancy

There are a number of people who experience leg cramps regularly, many of which can be attributed to restless legs syndrome. There may also be times in our life whenever we experience problems such as this, menopause being one of them. If you have leg cramps during menopause, there are a number of things that can be done in order to help you to overcome it successfully. The real key to overcoming these problems, however, is going to be persistence on your part as it may take some time before a relief is experienced.

This weight is ultimately all transmitted to the lower limbs, leading to strain on the muscles of the legs and resultant cramps. Other factors blamed for leg cramps during pregnancy, are low calcium and increased phosphorus levels in the blood stream. Leg cramps may also occur as a result of prolonged standing or walking. The fetus is also pressing upon the blood vessels and nerves that pass via the abdomen to the legs.

Involuntary muscle contractions often occur at night when you are in the deepest phase of sleep. These contractions can be extremely painful and sleep disturbing. Individuals that get these cramps often wake up and stay awake for 30 minutes during the night, ruining valuable sleep that is needed. The majority of the time the muscle cramps are harmless and do not signify anything serious or damaging.

It can be very excruciating to experience leg cramps during pregnancy. Nevertheless, many pregnant women today experience these cramps more and more. They occur more frequently at night and during your third trimester. No particular known reason exists as to why they occur but that is not really important because they can be prevented and as the saying goes; "prevention is better that a cure." In this article you will discover nine different way is which cramping during pregnancy can be avoided.

Related to electrolyte imbalance is making sure that you stay well hydrated during exercise as well as throughout the day. Dehydration is one common cause of muscle cramps. Unless you are an endurance athlete, plain cool water is the preferred fluid replacement during exercise. Drink enough water before, during and after exercise but be careful not to over-hydrate during exercise.

Much work has been done by medical researchers in this field. Among the many causes found to trigger these contractions of muscles are changes in electrolyte balance in the blood. The commonest examples of this phenomenon are hypokalaemia or low blood potassium levels and hypocalcemia (low blood calcium levels). Imbalances in these electrolytes cause muscle cells to swell due to resultant osmotic changes. The other factors which encourage cramps are muscle fatigue and excessive physical exercise.

One of things you can do to stop muscle cramps is to stop the activity that's causing the problem. Over exercising without a warm-up or stretches can exert your muscles and cause aches and pains. Before you start a strenuous exercise routine always stretch your muscles with a slow warm-up. This is also true before going on a long run.

Menopause occurs when the levels of estrogen and progesterone become less in a woman's body and menstruation stops completely for a period of over a year. Among the common symptoms of menopause are irregular periods and hot flashes, mood swings, irritability, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and urinary tract problems. Menopausal women may also suffer stomach pains and leg cramps and some may suffer more, as compared to others, in terms of sleeplessness.

When pregnant, our bodies go through a major metamorphosis and the additional weight our legs must bare can have an impact on muscles and you can have sciatic pain and femur pain as well. Leg cramps can happen at night due to many factors such as the weight gain, dehydration, poor circulation and vitamin deficiencies. By dealing with circulation, eating well and getting some help from your spouse, you can reduce the chances of having these pains which disturb your much needed rest.

Children are usually very active and often do not know the limits and risks of prolonged and strenuous physical exercise or activity. This is the commonest cause of leg cramps in children. There is excessive build up of certain chemicals like lactic acid in the skeletal muscles of the thigh and the calf. This causes what is called in medical terminology, ERMC (exercise related muscle cramps).

leg cramps sign of pregnancy

14 thoughts on “Leg Cramps Sign Of Pregnancy

  1. My whole back hurts and i have a leg cramp?
    My upper back hurts then my lower back hurts, then my sides hurt. And i have a leg cramp. Does any of this mean anything :( Also when i stand up my eyes feel weird, maybe thats cause i could be tired.

  2. How long does it take for signs of pregnancy to go away after miscarriage?
    I had a miscarriage and D&C (think that’s what it’s called) a week ago yesterday. Most of the signs-morning sickness, headaches, backaches, abdominal cramps, leg cramps-are gone, but my breasts are still very sore and tender, and are still discharging milk. Is this normal?

    • Yes it is normal it can take 2 or 3 weeks for this to stop, your body thinks you have had the baby so it has started to produce milk, but as time goes on and you obviously have nothing to suckle from your breasts then you will eventually dry up, it is one of the most horrible reminders of what your body has been though and what you have lost, i know personally as i had had 6 miscarriages, 4 of which i had to have a d&c, i’m am so sorry, but when your hormones start getting back to normal your state of mind will too. i have four lovely boys now, so don’t give up and stay positive. Good luck babe for the future!

  3. Are leg cramps an early sign of pregnancy?
    We have been TTC and last night I woke up with annoying leg cramps. My period isn’t do until next week… but I am just curious… are leg cramps an early sign?

    • Absolutely . Usually leg cramps happen when the uterus is expanding which enforces weight .

  4. Back pain and sexually active could be a sign of pregnancy?
    Hi there, its pretty weird coz i wasbleeding(very light) last week for 3 hours and stop , from time to time my breast is swollen and my legs were cramp and i have a light back pain and belly pain. Likewise, i notice that im sexually active.

    • I would say more likely you have a urinary tract infection. The back pain could be from it turning into a kidney infection.

  5. What signs did you have before going into labor?
    Im 36 weeks, and starting last week:

    -My hips are popping
    -it hurts to sit down or roll over or even walk
    -i dont sleep more then 3 hours
    -i have diarrhea (Tmi sorry)
    -I have the WORST rib cage pain ever
    -horrible leg cramps and shooting pains
    -soooo tired and thirsty all the time!

    I know im not going into labor, i just want to no what signs did you have a few weeks before labor and if it sounds like ill go soon!

    • look for the loss of your mucus plug in the toilet when you pee. If you haven’t already, you will begin to get braxton hicks contractions. It’s your body’s way of practicing for labor. Don’t get fooled, they can last for hours. Mine even came at regular intervals up to five minutes apart. They will feel to you like real labor pain, until you actually experience real labor pain.

      Chill out girl, I know it’s the pits being so far along and so uncomfortable, but what you are experiencing is perfectly normal and does not sound like you’re going any time soon. I was even 7 centimeters dilated for the last month of my pregnancy, so don’t get hopeful when they tell you that you’ve begun to dilate. It’s pure hell thinking that it could happen any time.

      Once you’re 39-40 weeks, the doctor can do something called strip membranes. It’s when your cervix begins shed like onions. The doc will put his/her hand in there and scrape the surface to get all the dead cells off. It is not pleasant, but will send you into labor within 48 hours. Good luck. Keep in mind that this is 4 more weeks and then you’ll have the greatest gift of your life.

  6. Leg cramps and heartburn early signs of pregnancy?
    I am 2 weeks overdue for my period and I am having constant hip/leg cramps…its not very bad but its lasted for 3 days. And heartburn is a problem at bedtime, I hardly ever get heartburn. I remember both of these being a pain in the butt when I was pregnant before. But then again my periods have been screwed up for the last year. Anyone else have these symptoms in early pregnany? Where these your first signs?

    • The first thing i noticed was sever pins and needles in my legs along with being very thirsty. That was what lead me to get a pregnancy test. I am a swimming teacher and by the end of my lessons i had to kneel on the floor because i couldn’t stand up without real pain. From what i have heard from friends its not a common sign but then everyones different.

  7. If i have all the signs of pregnancy why do the tests come back negative?
    I have the sharp pains, weird cravings, leg cramps, spotting, tender breasts, fatigue, headaches, backaches. However all the pregnancy tests i have taken say negative. Why?

    • Either because you’re not pregnant or you’re testing early. Most PMS symptoms are THE EXACT SAME as pregnancy symptoms,so you could just be getting ready to get a period. Some people just need to face up to the fact that they just may not be pregnant.