11 thoughts on “Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test Errors

  1. Backwards Pregnancy Test am I looking to far into it would you guys consider it a positive? Take another one??
    Okay so the weirdest thing happened to me last night. I bought the pregnancy test pack that comes with three tests. I woke up early and the first test came back erroring one side didn’t have any line and the other side had one line so it said to throw the test away because it was a bad test. So I took another test and it came out negative. Well now just last night I decided to take the thrid and final test just to be sure beacuse I still feel really pregnant and was sure it had to have been wrong. So I took this test and the first circle came out with a straight line — like that and the square came out with a + but very faintly. So that I don’t confuse anyone the circle is the side that’s supposed to have the + and the square should always have a straight up and down line like this ( I ) So I was confused obviously…so I called the company who made them and they said they would send me a refund so I could purchase another test. Should I consider it a maybe pregnancy positive?

    • It sounds like from what you described and from what the customer service representative on the phone said that you possibly got a bad batch of tests.
      I would definitely get another test. Preferably the kind that has < I > results for not pregnant or < I I > for pregnant. Or better yet, the digital tests that simply display the words “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” such as EPT Digital or Clearblue Easy digital- as those take the guesswork out of interpreting lines and plus signs. Alot of people find the +/- tests to be somewhat confusing or more hard to read.

      This website lists the different kinds of tests, their sensitivity, and which ones seem to work best as far as having clear results. It basically has all the information you ever wanted to know about home pregnancy tests and then some.

      Get another test (or better yet, a couple tests) and take them as it doesn’t sound like the results of the one you previously used can be very reliable since they seemed to have errors.

  2. What does it mean when your clear blue easy digital pregnancy test has an error? How can you test again?
    Okay, well I took a pregnancy test, a few actually, and recently took another one but this response was different. It was an error. I don’t understand what this means and I don’t have money to buy another test… Is there a way I can try again or make it read? I need to know… Please hurry!

    • When you take the clearblue you’re supposed to tilt it downward and you probably tilted it either upward or took it wrong somehow. Either way it wont work anymore regardless of whether an answer pops up. Once it says error it’s not effective. Try again with a dollar store one.

  3. How long do I need to wait to take another pregnancy test since and error occurred?
    This is a Clearblue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test! I took it this morning when i woke up, but an error occurred. So can I take it again today?

    • You can test anytime again, but I would wait until tomorrow morning, just so that you don’t end up getting a false negative. I tested with first morning urine and it came up faint positive, went to the doc in the evening and his test came up negative, but I was indeed pregnant. Good luck!!

  4. Am i Pregnant or no? :( :(?
    I dont know what to do. I’m so scared. I’m 9 days late for my period as of today. My boyfriend and I had sex on the last day of my last period and used a condom AND pulled out. The condom didn’t break or leak.

    Ive taken 3 pregnancy tests.

    I took a normal lined one one on the 5th day after my expected period and it was negative. I took a CLEARBLUE easy digital on the 6th day and it was “not pregnant”
    I took another CLEARBLUE EASY digital one FIRST THING this morning (when pregnancy hormone is highest and will give you the most accurate result) and it was still not pregnant.

    I don’t know what to do I’m freaking out and I have been for 2 weeks now. I don’t feel pregnant at all. No nausea, morning sickness or sore breasts. Please help :( I don’t know what to do.

    I think its harder to get a false negative on digital ones since theres no room for reading result error right? Am i just freaking out?

    And i don’t think its too early to detect pregnancy hormone is it? i looked it up and it said about 2 weeks after conception the hormone will start to show and that would have been over 2 weeks ago so it would be very present by now right?

  5. Has anyone ever had a false positive on a digital preg. test?
    I just took a test and it came back positive! For those of you who have followed my story, you know how happy this makes me! But, I am scared of it being an error? It was on Clearblue Easy digital

    • False positives are much more rare than false negatives. Pregnancy tests test for the hormone hCG, which is only present if you are pregnant (unless you’re on certain fertility drugs or have gotten a hCG trigger shot to release an egg, which could give you a false positive). If you can, wait another couple of days and take another test. If that one’s positive, I’d say it’s very unlikely that you’re not pregnant. Or you could request a blood test from your dr. Those are even more reliable as long as it’s been at least 8 days since ovulation.

      Give an update if you can when you know for sure, but it sounds to me like congrats are in order! :)

  6. Somethings weird, what do you think?
    So Im not in the dark about conception (not at all, in fact), so Im looking more for stories from women who may have experienced something similar, rather than concrete facts (I most likely have already committed all relevant data to my memory). Heres the deal, hubby and I are TTC baby number 2. Our daughter is 16mos old. This is the 2nd month we’ve tried. I breastfed for 9 months and took a while to get my cycle back, that said, all is well now, I even confirmed ovulation with the clearblue easy Ov. detection sticks (which worked well for me last time). Since the baby, my cycle is 33 days long. First day of last period, was Feb. 25, ovulation occurred on or around Mar. 13, we had sex 3 times during my high fertility days, and 33 days later brings us to today. No period (not yet at least). I have a lot of symptoms, but they could be contributed to PMS or early pregnancy. My first pregnancy, early on, felt just like I feel a week before my period. The only difference is that my breasts the first time were extremely tender and sensitive and that’s not usually something I experience for periods. Today, Im checking them out again, they are super sore and I can even get slight amts of milk out of each (I stopped breastfeeding at 6mos, which was 10mos ago). Is that strange? Like an TTC woman, Ive taken 4 pregnancy tests over the last 4 mornings, all negative. I told myself if today’s was negative, then I needed to forget about it happening this month and move on. But…wheres my period then? How many days should I let go by without a period before I test one last time (Friday, Saturday??)? Its killing me that I have all these symptoms and no period AND 4 negative tests. I know the tests are only 99.9% accurate beginning with today’s test, but really, whats the chance Im that 0.01% ? What do you think ladies? Anyone ever seen milk as an indicator of pregnancy, or of your period? Any ideas as to what may be going on? Can you imagine how “teased” I feel right now :O) Its like dangling right in my face, so close, yet…

    Thanks for your advice/support ladies, I really appreciate it, thanks so much for sharing your stories, tips, ideas!!

    PS: Im using clearblue easy digital, no room for error on my part there, it clearly states “not preg”.

    PSS: Anyone who feels inclined to give me the “relax” speech, save it, please and thank you!

    • I’m so sorry you’ve had such a hard time conceiving, and to be teased like this is just terrible!

      I always tell moms to test every other day until a positive appears or a period does.

      Hang in there.

      TX Mom