Bbt Dip Below Coverline 4 Dpo

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    What should a bbt chart look like if you're pregnant?
    I'm 3 or 4 dpo and my temp on O day went from o day 97.6, 97.9, 98.4 and today 98.2. I know it's too early for me but I'm so confused on what happens when your preg. does temp keep rising, go up and down etc? What does your coverline mean? How is it determined? I'm using

    • ANSWER:
      It's so hard to tell! Your chart can really look like anything, the key feature being that your temp shouldn't dip down below your coverline.

      I'm 19 weeks pregnant, and I charted my way through the beginning of this pregnancy. Here's the link to my chart, so you can see what *one* pregnancy chart looks like!

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    Chart stalkers?? BBT drop below coverline 4&8dpo HELP!?

    I've had 2 drops below the coverline for this cycle I'm currently only 9dpo. I had a drop at 4dpo & 8dpo. Should I worry that AF is on the way?
    I know 4dpo was too early for implantation so I thought fallback rise, but from what I've read that should happen before 3dpo.

    Any help would be appreciated =)


    *BaBy DuSt*

    • ANSWER:
      r u taking ur temps @ the same time everyday? your temp shouldn't drop that low.... i also use FF but I'm actually pregnant so I would go into charting support to ask the question about why your temps went below your cover line. if it's an implantation dip that would happen between 5-10 dpo. i had a dip @ 9dpo and then another @ 13 dpo

    BBT Question... took temp twice?
    ok... i am 5 dpo
    1 dpo 97.7
    2 dpo 97.77
    3 dpo 97.8
    4 dpo 98.05
    5 dpo 97.5

    why did my temp fall if it seemed it should be rising? first temp i took today (5dpo) is 97.5 which is below my coverline so i took my temp again and my temp was 98.3??? which temp should i use? im so confused

    • ANSWER:
      maybe an implantation dip?

    BBT drop 4 weeks 1 day?
    Hi all--Im 15 dpo and got BFPs on sunday, monday, and wed. This morning my bbt dropped from a 99.0 to 98.6. Im still a full degree above my coverline but was wondering if temp dips were normal at this stage? This is my first so Im excited but terrified that it's gonna turn out to be a chemical or miscarriage so im nervous about everything--thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      You're pregnant! Put the thermometer away! I did the same thing as you, and ended up freaking out whenever my temps dropped just the slightest bit.

      Honestly, the temps at this point mean NOTHING. I had a temp dip well below my miscarraige here! After that fiasco of freaking out all day, I made my husband hide the thermometer so I wouldn't be tempted to temp again. It's not worth it to stress out any more than you have to, and BBT charting at this point is ONLY going to make you worry. Please, just hide the thermometer and get to celebrating the fact that you're pregnant!


bbt dip below coverline 4 dpo

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