12 thoughts on “Ept Early Pregnancy Test Directions

  1. How accurate are EPT digital pregnancy tests?
    My husband and I have quit trying to prevent pregnancy for about half a year now. We aren’t actively trying (checking ovulation etc) we just figured it would happen when it happened. In December I started on the 24th, I started on the 24th in January as well, and then in February, I started on the 21st. It is March 26th now, and still no period. Not even a single sign of it. I normally know a week in advance that my period is coming because my breast swell up and hurt like crazy!! My breast aren’t even the slightest bit tender, which i know is also an early sign of pregnancy as well. So, at this point, I am just confused! I purchased an EPT digital pregnancy test that claims to be able to tell 3-5 days BEFORE a missed period, and since i am a day or so late, I figured it would be accurate. I took it this morning right when I woke up and it said not pregnant. My question is, how accurate are they, because i still have no sign my period is coming. Also, around 2 weeks after my February cycle ended, I started spotting….could that be why I haven’t got my period?!

    • They are fairly accurate when used the way the directions say to use them.

      If you are still having questions it might be time to call the gyn and go in and let a professional diagnose what’s going on.

  2. What is the best home pregnancy test available?
    In your opinion, which one is the best?
    And which one can detect pregnancy the earliest?

    • First response and EPT claim that you can test 5 days before your missed period, but if you read the directions on the inside of the package it says that the reliability of testing that early is only 23% – which is really poor. It’s best to wait until the day you’re expecting your period or the day after the the absolutely best results. I like the digital tests the best. They just simply say pregnant or not pregnant. This way you’re not staring at something looking for a line or two lines or a plus and you’re not reading into every little thing that pops up and wondering if you took it right or whatever. Keep it simple.

  3. Do all pregnant women get positive pregnacy tests?
    or do some women such as myself dont secrete the hcg hormone enough into there urine to get a positive result an still be pregnant into the third an forth month ?

    • Not all women get a positive test, especially if the hCG level is very low at the time. Some pregnancy tests are better than others. I took the EPT digital test that reads “pregnant” or “not pregnant” <—-since I can’t STAND trying to figure out the line tests… Some of these tests are better at picking up smaller traces of the hCG hormone than other pregnancy tests. If you get a cheap test, it might not pick anything up at all, but the EPT for instance (being 15 dollars on average) does a good job at picking up small traces of the hormone in early stages of pregnancy…

      As for being 3-4 months pregnant, I’m not sure why a test wouldn’t show up positive by then, but the best way to know is to go to the doctor. They’ll either give you a blood test, or have you urinate in a cup and it will only take a few minutes with one of their tests to get the result. When I found out I was pregnant, my fiance and I did the EPT digital and then got a back up medical pregnancy test before finding an ObGyn.

      Take care

      EDIT: Oh, ALWAYS make sure you perform the test correctly. Read the directions because sometimes (like on the EPT digital) if you tilt it and the urine goes beyond the testing area it can mess up the test). When you take a test at any time make sure when you’re holding it, you only express the right amount of urine you’re supposed to, not too little, not too much, as this can affect the test result too. Then, make sure you keep it level. Don’t tip it around. Keep it flat and level as if it were on a flat surface, even after the test and don’t pick it up until the result is there where you can read it from the surface its own. Little things can affect these tests some times, so just be mindful over it and read the directions, even if you think you know how to do the test, the smallest mistakes can affect the test.

  4. Ive taken 3 pregnancy tests in the past 2 days. 2 yesterday and one this morning. All 3 had a faint second?
    Line. The first test was a ept. The second 2 are first response. Can someone please help me?

    • Assuming that you are using a pink dye test, then I will say CONGRATULATIONS! If you read the directions, it says that it does not matter if the lines are not the same shade, so long as there is color to the line.

      That said, blue dye tests can be a little more difficult to distinguish a faint line from the silvery shimmer that can sometimes be present where the line WOULD be if it were positive. However, you mention First Response and I think all of their tests are pink dye.

      A false positive is rare, three are nearly unheard of. Most likely, you are very early in your pregnancy and the hormone levels are still minimal. Some tests are notorious for faint lines, even later in pregnancy. But, a line is a line!

  5. Does anyone know the effectiveness of Plan B?
    Friday night the condom broke, and the next morning we went and picked up the pill after doing a little online research about side effects. I took both pills as intended and was tired and felt sick to my stomach for the next 48 hours. Then my pessimistic nature kicked in and I started looking for information on how effective plan b was. As if the information about tubal pregnancy’s wasn’t enough to scare me I found sites saying 1in 8 women still conceived, that it was only 83% effective, and others saying 95%. Does anyone have the real facts?

    • Ok so I talked to someone at planned parenthood for this when my cousin was an idiot and dint use a condom with his gf. Since neither is 18 I had to get it for them but I wnated to know what I was giving this girl and if it would work. Every day you dont take it the effectiveness goes down. By three days theres no point in taking it. Its supposed to be effective like 75-85% within the first day.

      That being said I also took it. My bf and used a condom but it broke. I legit took the first pill 6 hours later and followed the directions for the second one. I still got pregnant …. Part of it could be because I had gone off the pill a few months earlier and you can be more fertile after doing that but either way it happend.

      I wouldnt start freaking out just yet though. When I got my pregnancy test the nurse who did it said that in more than 20 years of being and ob/gyn nurse my case was the second most unusual one shes heard. The only one worse was that she had to tell a 14 year old girl she was pregnant to which the girl respoded “but ive never had sex” So theres a really good chance your fine.

      For now just take it easy. In about three weeks get two different pregnancy tests and take them both. Do it first thing in the morning and they should be accurate. The home ones I used were First Response and EPT and both came two in a box … I used them all and they were all positive. Its good to check either way. If your still worried after that even if it was negetive wait a couple more weeks and test again …. if its still negetive but you still havent gotten your period go see a doctor. You should have gotten your period by then. Youmight want to talk to your dr anyway and go on the pill or something. Still use a condom but at least then if theres an accident your coverd.

  6. hi ladies i took an EPT test at work today and i got a faint positive line?
    are EPT tests acurate. any ladies experienced this

    • Home pregancy test are pretty accurate if you follow the directions correctly. I find it easier and cleaner to pee in a disposable cup and then place the stick into the urine. I got a strong positive doing it this way and didn’t expect my period for a week!. I would repeat the test in a few days, because if you are pregnant the hormones will go up rapidly. They even came out with one for early detection of pregnancy.